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The Association was formed in 1975 by two breeders of coloured sheep, Bill Ronald and Diana Arnold. They believed there was considerable interest in naturally coloured sheep and their wool, but were astounded when 120 people turned up at an inaugural meeting in Melbourne. In the beginning, the Association covered the whole of Australia,but as time went on the various States formed their own groups with reciprocal agreements. Today the Victorian Association has a members interested in showing and value adding their much loved sheep. Other groups in the industry in Australia are:
  • South Australian Coloured Sheep Owners Society
  • Melanian Sheep Breeders Society of Australia
  • The Green Triangle Coloured Sheep Owners Association
  • Black & Coloured Sheep Breeders Association of New South Wales
These Associations are all independent bodies but work together in an informal affiliation on a number of matters affecting the industry. Close contact is also maintained with Coloured Sheep Breeders Societies overseas, particularly New Zealand, USA, and the United Kingdom.

Being a breeders society, most members have breeding flocks of coloured sheep, but membership is open to any person with an interest in coloured sheep and wool.

The Association publishes a quarterly Newsletter which provides members with current news and views of the Association, including Competition and Show notices and results, reports, advertisements, Sales, and articles on a range of subjects involving sheep, wool and crafts.

A Flock Register is published and is available to non-members at a small charge. This is a listing of flocks in Victoria and is open to flocks from other States. It contains a full Membership list, the Aims and Regulations of the Flock Register, a listing of State and Regional office bearers, and those of other Coloured Breed Societies in Australia.

Members are entitled to free entry to events run by the Association, and to Members Rates for advertising in the Newsletter. They can reap the benefits of contact with other like-minded people for formal and informal discussion of views, problem solving, advice and physical assistance in a variety of fields. There are also opportunities for social gatherings.
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