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The Aims and Objectives of the Association include:

  • Encouraging the owning, breeding and improvement of black and coloured sheep for the production of good wool types.

  • Catering for owners of flocks of all sizes and all breeds of sheep and providing means of communication and co-operation between owners and breeders.

  • Helping members to increase their knowledge of sheep husbandry and appraisal, through field days, workshops, lectures, classes and literature.

  • Studying the economic and marketing trends in the industry and promoting the use of black and coloured fleece wool and products.

  • Organizing stock sales, wool sales, displays, demonstrations and competitions.

  • Sponsoring classes for black and coloured sheep and fleeces at Agricultural Shows, and donating ribbons and trophies.

  • Assisting and supporting Regional activities in Victoria in accordance with the Association's policies.

Association Activities


A number of Victorian agricultural societies have classes for black and coloured sheep at their annual show. Showing gives breeders the opportunity to compare their animals with others, to learn more about other sheep as well as their own, to socialize with like-minded people - and perhaps to win prizes and ribbons. It is an excellent avenue for advertising stock and products. Animals which win blue ribbons at agricultural shows are eligible to compete at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show at Bendigo in July each year.

Even the youngest exhibitor can compete!

Fleece Competitions

Most agricultural shows with classes for black and coloured sheep also have classes for fleece. Wool growers who may not wish to take their animals along can compete in the fleece classes. A National Fleece Competition is run annually at different venues, usually in conjunction with a major show or event. In 1999, the first ever International Coloured Fleece Competition was run as part of the 5th World Congress on Coloured Sheep and Their Products at the International Fibre Centre in Geelong.

Workshops and Field Days

These are run from time to time, usually by a Regional group, for the benefit of members and may cover a range of subjects such as judging, fleece handling and preparation, sheep husbandry or farm safety.

Promotional Events

Designed to promote the Association and its members, these days may involve participation in an event run by another organisation, such as the Royal Melbourne Show or the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo, or be an event run by the Association itself.


In July 1999, the Association hosted the Fifth World Congress on Coloured Sheep and Their Products, at Deakin University in Geelong, which attracted 168 international and Australia delegates. It is held every five years in a different country and is attended by coloured sheep breeders and craftspeople from around the world - notably from America, Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. The Sixth World Congress was held in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2004, and the seventh was held in Brazil in 2009. The eighth Congress was held in France in 2014 and the nineth congress will be held in 2019.

 Regional Activities

A number of Regional Groups have been established by the Association to assist and advise members in each Region regarding all matters relating to the Association.

The Regions are run by Committees which are responsible for promoting the Association within a specified area. Regional Committees sponsor classes for sheep and wool at local Agricultural Shows by providing trophies and prize money. They conduct events such as Field Days, Sales and promotional and public relations activities of various kinds. They also become involved from time to time in events run by other kindred organisations. These Committees will also arrange for inspection of sheep for Pure Bred Registration of individual animals, for listing in the Association's Flock Register.

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